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The brief guide to I messages

For those looking for a simpler guide of what is an I-message keep on reading. It covers a summary of how to use I-messages, why you use them and why to avoid using you-messages.

Book price reduced

Some good news for those wanting to purchase a copy of Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour or Intervening in Bullying Behaviour. Both books (printed and kindle version) prices have had their price reduced.

Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour:
Printed was $19.95USD* now $11.95USD*
Kindle was $9.99USD* now $7.99USD*

Intervening in Bullying Behaviour
Printed was $13.95USD* now $9.95USD*
Kindle was $7.99USD* now $6.99USD*

*Pricing has been updated on Amazon 28/2/2016 but it may take a few days to adjust on their system. Price reductions in all other amazon stores have also changed.

We recommend holding off purchase until the reduced price is on offer on the amazon stores. Read More...

Is not wanting to share your emotions a reason not to use I messages?

I recently heard the proposition that someone would not use I messages because they were concerned they did not want children and/or adolescence to know what they are feeling. Maybe I misunderstood the proposition when I heard it, but it sounded like 'never use I messages because we may not want children or adolescence know what we are feeling'. That made me think is this a good enough reason for not using I messages in some circumstances and is there another option? Read More...

How do you actively listen?

Listening is an important skill in building and keeping relationships. It becomes particularly important when there are issues that need to resolved. Not only is it important to actually listen, you need to show others that you are. You can do this by using these three active listening techniques. Read More...

10 good books on dealing with bullying behaviour

Following on from other posts about good books to learn about bullying behaviour and preventing it, this list is if you are looking for information on how to deal with a situation that has already occurred. Unfortunately this is the hardest area to find information but it is out there. Following is a list of 10 books. Read More...

7 good books on preventing bullying behaviour

Following on from my post about good books to learn about bullying behaviour, I thought I would separate out some of those books to help people find the right book on how to deal with a bullying behaviour issue. So the following books have good sections on preventing bullying behaviour. Read More...

13 good books to learn about bullying behaviour

If you are looking for some books to get a good understanding of bullying behaviour, I would suggest you take a look at the following. These are my most referred to books on the subject. Read More...

Three causes of conflict

When it comes to conflict it is important to understand the underlying cause. Here are three categories of possible causes:
  • Goals or objectives
  • How to achieve the goals or objectives
  • Values

The repetition issue in defining bullying behaviour

In Australia and in many other parts of the world a key part of the definition of bullying behaviour is that the behaviour is repeated. This creates the weird situation where it might be okay to use a behaviour once, but if you use it again it then becomes buying behaviour and is then unacceptable. Surely for justice is to be served, we would not want that behaviour to occur at all. Read More...

10 response styles summary published in American Camping Association magazine

For those looking for idea’s on how to respond to inappropriate behaviour, I have identified 10 different styles of responding. These can help you choose different ways of responding to these challenges. An article that describes the 10 styles was recently published in the American Camping Associations Camping magazine. Read More...
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