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10 response styles summary published in American Camping Association magazine

For those looking for idea’s on how to respond to inappropriate behaviour, I have identified 10 different styles of responding. These can help you choose different ways of responding to these challenges. An article that describes the 10 styles was recently published in the American Camping Associations Camping magazine.
The magazines audience is American summer camp staff who work with a wide range of young people throughout the USA. The article can be found at

A brief summary of what the article talks about is the following 10 types of responses:
  • Rescue
  • Bribe
  • Support
  • Reinforce
  • Encourage
  • Coach
  • Challenge
  • Reprimand
  • Consequence
  • Revenge

These can be placed on a curve to show which responses are more positive and which can lead to more negative outcomes. The extremes in response styles are generally neither helpful to the person nor to those dealing with the behaviour.

I also have a webpage with lots more detail so rather than repeat it here, check out the article or go to the 10 response styles webpage for more information.
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