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13 good books to learn about bullying behaviour

If you are looking for some books to get a good understanding of bullying behaviour, I would suggest you take a look at the following. These are my most referred to books on the subject.
The thirteen books are in no particular order other than alphabetical:

Caponecchia, C., & Wyatt, A. (2011). Preventing workplace bullying: An evidence-based guide for managers and employees. Crows Nest, NSW, Australia: Allen & Unwin.

Coloroso, B. (2004). The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander: From Preschool to High School--How Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence. HarperCollins.

Duffy, M. P., & Sperry, L. (2012). Mobbing: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions. Oxford University Press.

Einarsen, S., Hoel, H., Zapf, D., & Cooper, C. (Eds.). (2010). Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace: Developments in Theory, Research, and Practice, Second Edition. CRC Press.

Hor, J. (2012). Managing Workplace Behaviour: A best practice guide. Sydney: CCH Australia Ltd.

Irwin, M. (2013). Intervening In Bullying Behaviour: Nine Ways To Take Direct Action. Woollahra, NSW, Australia: Centennial. (Disclosure: This book is by the author of this blog.)

Kowalski, R. M., Limber, S., Limber, S. P., & Agatston, P. W. (2012). Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age. John Wiley & Sons.

Lipinski, J., & Crothers, L. M. (2013). Bullying in the Workplace: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies. Routledge.

Mishna, F. (2012). Bullying: A Guide to Research, Intervention, and Prevention. Oxford University Press.

Monks, C. P., & Coyne, I. (2011). Bullying in Different Contexts. Cambridge University Press.

Olsen, H. (2010). Workplace Bullying and Harassment: A Toolbox for Managers and Supervisors (2nd ed.). Northcote, Auckland, NZ: CCH New Zealand Ltd.

Sullivan, K. (2010). The Anti-Bullying Handbook. SAGE Publications.

Tehrani, N. (2012). Workplace Bullying: Symptoms and Solutions. Routledge.

Vernberg, E., & Biggs, B. (2010). Preventing and Treating Bullying and Victimization. OUP USA.

Now it might be hard to pick out which ones might suit you best, so I am going to do a few more posts to identify which books a best suited for particular topics.
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