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Book price reduced

Some good news for those wanting to purchase a copy of Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour or Intervening in Bullying Behaviour. Both books (printed and kindle version) prices have had their price reduced.

Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour:
Printed was $19.95USD* now $11.95USD*
Kindle was $9.99USD* now $7.99USD*

Intervening in Bullying Behaviour
Printed was $13.95USD* now $9.95USD*
Kindle was $7.99USD* now $6.99USD*

*Pricing has been updated on Amazon 28/2/2016 but it may take a few days to adjust on their system. Price reductions in all other amazon stores have also changed.

We recommend holding off purchase until the reduced price is on offer on the amazon stores.
This is not a sale, the amended prices are for the foreseeable future.

You can get your copy of the books by clicking the links below:

Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour

Intervening in Bullying Behaviour
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