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Subtle messages we send

There are times when we do not realise what we are saying is contributing to poor communication. We can use words that add meaning into sentences that can sound sarcastic, or demeaning. They modify what we are trying to say that can unintentionally or intentionally annoy and attack others. Some words to watch out for include: Read More...

More common mistakes to avoid #3

Working with young people can have many challenges. There is lots we can do to help and there is some things we should look to avoid. Here are three more things to avoid. Read More...

It is the behaviour, not the person!

It can be tempting to let fly when someone does the wrong thing. But using a label like “your bad”, calling people names or using putdowns does not help the situation. There is a range of reasons why. Read More...

3 strategies anyone can use

Responding to a behaviour that is called a strategy. There are many ways to reach behavioural goals so it is no surprise there are lots of different strategies to try. Here are a brief description of three of my most used strategies:
  • Naming it
  • Swapping
  • Shaping
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