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What is self respect?

One behaviour that seems to be really important in being able to show respect, is being able to respect your self. This idea dates back thousands of years to the Sayings of Confucius - “Respect yourself and others will respect you.” How can we respect others if we do not respect ourselves?
I think if we look at the types of behaviours people do to respect themselves, it can help us answer that. Self respect is:

  • Knowing your own qualities and strengths
  • Respecting your own rights
  • Be true to your feelings and thoughts
  • Dealing with feedback appropriately
  • Looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Holding true to your values and principles
  • Being your own best friend
  • Forgiving yourself when you do wrong
  • Correcting yourself and making amens when your do wrong
  • Approving of yourself and not always seeking the approval of others
  • Not allowing your moods to change your behaviour or values

Self respect is what you think and it is about what you do. It help others have respect for you. If we were to treat others the same as we treat ourselves by using the above actions, then respect for others becomes simple. When we have no self respect, it follows that it will be difficult to respect others.

So having self respect is important to help you respect others. And it will go a long away in helping you gain their respect as well.
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