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What is respect?

Show me some respect. What do we mean by that and how can we show respect? Over the next few posts I will try and shed light on what is respect. Most people consider respect as a value or virtue.

Values and virtues help us make moral choices and they are universally thought of as being a good thing to aspire too and are of important value. Respect then is making choices about what our behaviour is towards others that shows them that we care about them. Also I think showing that they are deserving of that care and consideration is important.

There are many ways in which we can describe respect. Here are a few of the ways you might use to help discuss the concept:
  • It can be an attitude of caring about peoples rights
  • Properly honouring others for their position in society or their relationship to you.
  • It is a way we should treat others, their belongings and our environment. (Environment can be either man made or natural.)
  • It is how you like to be treated. (But this can be problematic if someone’s level of self respect is low and they do not care how they are or anyone else is treated.)
  • It is knowing others are valuable and are of value
  • It can be providing courtesy to others

What I think is great about the concept of respect is that is broad and covers lots of different types of behaviours. It is a catch all phrase that can help guide people along the path towards appropriate behaviour. In the next post I will offer example of behaviours that show respect to help expand the discussion.
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