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Two ways anger helps you

Anger is an emotion that people most often think of as being negative, destructive and something to be avoid at all costs. But anger can help you. First of all it lets you know that something is wrong.
When you feel angry there is something causing the feeling. So work out what it is and what you would like changed. The second thing about anger is that it gives you energy to want to bring about that change. Your angry so you do something about it and this is where it leads people into trouble.

They do things that are not helpful, that are not respectful and/or do not help bring about the change they wanted. As with all emotions there is nothing wrong with feeling angry. The bad name and problems comes from the behaviour people do when they react inappropriately to their emotions. They jump to doing something without thinking about it and this leads to problems.

When your angry always stop, think about what is the problem, think what is a reasonable way to solve it and then act. Sometimes you will also have to cool down for a bit before doing something. Just remember to stop, think then do.
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