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Idea’s for rewards for good behaviour part 1

It helps to encourage good behaviour by offering incentives and small rewards. If there is a particular behaviour problem then getting an agreement to make changes can be supported with a reward when they do well. Here is 30 ideas for rewards for preschool & young children:
• Playing with play-doh
• Helping mom or dad
• Going out for ice cream
• Going to a park
• Playing a board game
• Staying up later
• Going to the beach or the swimming pool
• Playing or visiting friends
• Having a longer bath time
• Playing in sandpit
• Going to the library
• Getting a piggy back ride
• Riding a bike
• Feeding a pet
• Making noise for a set time like using pots and pans for music
• Building a cubby house in the lounge room
• Drawing
• Painting
• Borrowing a book from the library
• Borrowing a toy from a toy library
• Buying something special
• Camping in the back yard
• Getting a song book or music
• Having work displayed on refrigerator
• Getting more batteries for their favourite toy
• Sticker or colouring books
• Help cooking a meal
• Additional stories at story time
• Getting some time alone in the play room without having to share with siblings
• Getting a lolly or biscuit

Many of these idea’s came from the book 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child by Jeffrey Bernstein.
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