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Launch date of book set for 1 April 2012

I am writing this waiting impatiently for the door buzzer to go. My books are on the way by courier from the printers and hopefully they will arrive today. So it is time to set a launch date for the book.
To give myself a buffer as things can happen, I decided upon the 1st April.

It was back in early January 2011 that I began to write the book. I already had most of the material in a training manual I had developed. In early March (the 10th if you really want to be accurate) I took the plunge and decided to go full time to get it done. By mid-December I was done writing and well into getting it published. It was somewhat behind schedule. Knowing what I know now, I was slightly optimistic in thinking July-August 2011 would see it done.

But it is done and now ready for readers. Thanks to the team at for helping me produce it. The extra time it took I think meant it is a far better result than what I had originally envisaged.

I hope you find it useful when you do get your hands on a copy. In the mean time there is lots of stuff on the website to keep you going and to think about.

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