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Five more mistakes to avoid when dealing with behaviours

Here are some more tips on what to avoid when dealing with inappropriate behaviour.

1. Avoid creating the situation into a win/lose proposition. You can use consequences but make sure you are not going to gain something out of it. 'If you do not get this done I will give some of my work to do' is not a good way to provide consequences. You appear like you are abusing your authority and this can create resentment.
2. Beware of making them apologise to others. If they should apologise then it is best done because they feel they need to and want to. Forcing them can cause humiliation and embarrassment to all parties. Who wants to have to receive an apology that is not genuine or heartfelt. It means nothing and only compounds the original injury.

3. Do not delay dealing with or providing consequences. It is far more effective to provide consequences or discuss the matter while it is still fresh in the persons memory. That way they learn not to use that behaviour.

4. Avoid using some type of necessary conduct as a consequence/punishment. All this does is promote a negative attitude towards completing that type of conduct e.g. teachers providing extra homework as punishment can cause attitude issues towards learning.

5. Don't make deals, just enforce the rules. This is behaviour management at its most basic.
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