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Help in finding solutions to childhood issues

Kids' Skills - Playful and practical solution-finding with children by Ben Furman is a book I would recommend to any parent or teacher of children. It offers a solution focused approach to helping children develop skills that overcome everyday problems.
It is a very easy read with 15 steps to follow. Each step is discussed in its own chapter of 4-8 pages with good examples provided. Step 1 is converting the problem into a skill to be learn. It then moves on to agree on the skill with the child, exploring the benefits of the skill, naming it and gathering supporters. To help the child learn and make it engaging as well as playful, it suggests choosing a power creature and planning a celebration for when they have learnt the skill.

Other steps include how to building confidence, defining the skill, making the skill publicly known, practicing the skill, creating reminders and celebrating success. After success comes passing on the skill to others and moving on to the next skill to learn. The final chapter of the book includes a number of possible solution idea’s for a range of common issues.

All of the steps helps change your perspective on behaviour issues and makes the learning for the child playful and positive. I would recommend it to parents, grand parents, teachers and significant others who are supporting children to overcome behavioural problems and helping them build positive life skills.

The english version ISBN is 0-9580188-9-8

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