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Effective communication is key

Having good communication skills is really important in helping others change their behaviour. If you are having difficulty with someones behaviour and everything you try does not work, take some time to reflect on how you have been communicating to them.
Just about everyone has a story about someone that will not stop doing something inappropriate not matter what has been tried. Now there is sure to be some people who are especially difficult to work, deal or live with. Outside or professional help might be needed but before you do that it pays to think about your part in the situation.

Communication and relationships take two or more people to be able to work together. Everyone has their own needs and wants that they actively try to fulfil. You might be unconsciously contributing to the situation, especially if you are feeling stuck and upset about it. It is worthwhile spend some time thinking about how you are communicating. Is the reason for the lack of change in behaviour down to them not making change? Or is there a break down in communication and they are not aware what change needs to be made?

There are lots of communication tricks and tips to try to get a message across. Check out the I-messages section as a starting point. I will outline more idea's such as conversation starters and things to avoid in coming blogs.
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