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Eight benefits of using the six steps approach

Following on from my last post about what are the six BECOME steps, I thought people might want to know about the benefits of using them. The benefits include:
  • encourages appropriate behaviour
  • creates a structure that gives you confidence to address issues
  • helps maintain a calm and consistent approach when confronted with situations that can otherwise cause heightened emotions
  • allows you to easily remember the process
  • clarifies the situation objectively
  • permits you to choose where to focus your energy, based on the varying circumstances
  • generates new ideas and possibilities to explore as you address each step
  • allows quick and simple analysis of situations.

The BECOME steps are the equivalent of the DR-ABC first-aid emergency response steps for behaviour. When things get heated or highly emotional it can be hard to remain objective. Sometime we do or say things that we later wish we had not done. So I think it is great to have a process to follow to help you do the best you can in any situation. We are not perfect but we can strive to improve and our best.

The BECOME steps are more than just six-steps. There is a range of principles, tools and strategies that go along with it. The home page lists all the benefits of using all of these combined with the six-steps.

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