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Why encouraging appropriate behaviour?

It has take about 14 years to get to this point. I spent lots of time thinking about how we deal with inappropriate behaviour. The more I tried things out, researched and read the more obvious it became. You are far better off...
... focusing on encouraging people when they are doing the right thing than trying to do stuff when they are doing the wrong thing. I am not trying to say you don’t say or do something when the behaviour is not okay. Just make sure you are providing ways for people to act appropriately and actively encourage them when they do. That is why I approach this from the idea of encouraging appropriate behaviour.

Welcome to the encouraging appropriate behaviour book website and first ever blog. So what will you find in this blog? Well, initially I intend to cover information that will be in my book which is about to be released. (In case you came direct to this page and not via the website it is called Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour: A Six-Step Approach.) I hope that providing some bit size chunks of information is useful for people to see what is in the book as well understand the benefits. Updates on the books release and where to purchase it will also be provided.

Of course encouraging appropriate behaviour is a big topic and just one book can never do it justice. So as I come across more idea’s, tips and strategies to try, I will be adding these to the blog. People learn in different ways so I already have plans for some how-to video’s and presentations to help people. I will also be looking at doing some book reviews and providing details about different programs available. Well, rather than going on about what I plan to do, I feel it is time to get started on doing it.

I hope what you find on is helpful.

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