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Australian health, welfare and community services directory

Another website that I came across recently and thought useful is It bills it self as “Australia's most extensive directory of community support services providing access to 288,843* health, welfare and community service records.” Use it to find out services in your area.
It allows you to search for services in your postcode, area or state, within a specific keyword of which there is about 230 keyword options. It also allows you to use a focus search with a high level grouping such as disability or education & training and then a sub grouping to help narrow the search. You can even just type in the type of service in the quick search option or search for an organisation name.

A look through the about us on the website mentions they have 15 staff gathering and maintaining the data but it does allow and encourages agencies and organisations to help update and maintain the information. This can be done by a submission form. Hopefully all this means it is current, authoritative and very helpful.

So if you need help and want to know if there is a service in or near your area I suggest you give a try.

* as at 10 June 2012
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