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Five tactics to avoid in conflicts

Conflict is always going to occur and that is healthy. To have a health conflict everyone needs to work constructively and play fair. The following 5 tactics should be avoided as they will only make things worse.
Global labels
Calling people stupid, lazy, idiots and so on is not going to help. It just makes people angry. Never use name calling or putdowns to try and get your point across.

Most people find sarcasm annoying and possibly aggressive. Being sarcastic puts people off and distracts from sending good messages.

Dragging up past
The problem now is the problem. Why bring up other issues that happened in the past as this cannot be changed. They are sure to upset and make people more angry without helping to sort out what the current issue is. Stick to the issue, stay in the present and look towards the future.

Negative comparisons
Comparing and rating people generally does not help solve conflicts. A lot of the time it starts them. By comparing different people it attacks the individuals self esteem and they will resist and fight back.

Issuing threats is aggressive and will make people react negatively. Using fear and intimidation is a poor way to behaviour and might win the encounter but will loose you the relationship. And of course it can be illegal if it oversteps the law.

Conflict should never be seen as a win/lose situation. Look at it at trying to get a win/win result and this will strengthen the relationship and resolve the problem for everyone.
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