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Building and eroding respect.

The previous post talked about there has to be a minimum or basic level of respect that everyone needs to give and receive. That is how we can get society to function at its best. But our behaviour can help build this respect to a new level that improves and deepens our relationships.
Respect from others is something we all aim to get. Not just an acceptance that we are here and to get civil treatment. We want others to be our friends and to look up to us. Each behaviour that is positive and assertive towards others, helps to build that level of respect. Assertive behaviour means respecting our own rights while respecting and defending the rights of others.

When our behaviour is poor and disregards the rights of others (and sometime even our own rights), this can erode the respect others have for us. If the behaviour is bad enough we can loose all of the respect that was built up. Respect is something we cannot take for granted.

It builds or erodes over time and because of our actions. It can be gained in an instant by one great act and lost forever through a thoughtless or despicable behaviour. The key is to be forever building the respect we get from others. The surest way to do that is to always showing others respect. That means showing basic respect to everyone, even when they fail to return that respect. If we are assertive, not lose our cool and not be dragged down to the level of disrespectful people, that will always earn us the respect of others.
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