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Benefits of what is in the book video

If you having been looking around the website you may have already seen the video of me discussing the benefits of the book. For those that have not, the video is below as well as the transcript.

Transcript of video:
No matter if you call it inappropriate, difficult, defiant or bad behaviour, my book gives you all you need to know about changing that behaviour for good. There are plenty of books offering solutions and that is important but it is only half the battle. Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour also provides the other half to complete the picture. Help in choosing which of the solutions is the best one.

After 13 years experience as a youth worker, everything in the book has been tested by trial and error and proven in the field. The six-steps approach is about pin pointing what the behaviour is, finding out when and why it occurs and helping you to work out how to encourage change. Using the six steps:
• gives you a sense that you have control of any situation
• helps you maintain a calm and consistent approach
• sheds light on the situation in a fair and unbiased way
• can help you to choose where to focus your energy
• Helps come up with new ideas and possibilities to try
• And allows you to quickly and simply understand situations

Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour gives you guiding principles to follow. They:
• help you avoid pitfalls
• gives you important insights
• and builds your self confidence

A range of tools are discussed in detail. These will help you:
• builds your understanding about the behaviour
• reveals other possibilities and perspectives
• and role model good behaviour.

The steps, principles and tools are the first half of what is needed. The second half is solutions which in the book are called strategies. With 20 strategies discussed these will:
• allow you to create new ways of dealing with issues
• empowers you by giving you more response choices
• and gives you powerful and proven options for taking charge of situations.

I’m Murray Irwin, author of Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour: A Six-Step Approach. Buy a copy and take a short cut in learning how to deal with difficult behaviour.

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