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9 responses to dealing with bullying behaviour

You might have guessed from recent posts that bullying behaviour is something I have been working on recently. I have been looking at ways you can respond if you see or hear of it occurring. There looks to be nine ways of doing something about it:
  1. Direct response - saying something when you see it occur
  2. Strengthening the target - help the target handle the issue
  3. Mediation - bring the parties together to resolve conflicts
  4. Restorative justice - have the offender understand the impact and move towards change
  5. Collaborative problem-solving and resolution - support everyone to understand and move forward
  6. Group support method - use group influence to change the groups behaviour
  7. Method of shared concern - use individual meetings to use group influence to change the groups behaviour
  8. Punishment - provide consequences for actions
  9. Referral to authorities - refer extreme or serious behaviour to the necessary authorities

There are strengths and weaknesses for each approach. Some work well only in very specific situations. I intend to provide a summary of all the approaches in future posts so you can work out for yourself what is best for different issues.

I have come to the conclusion that you are not going to be able to select just one approach to solve such a complex problem like bullying behaviour. It will take a mix of approaches to do that.
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